Desert Peace

Desert Peace

Half square triangles are the simplest little block.  Yet I see a lot of gorgeous quilts that look so intricate, but when looked at closely - it's just a bazillion half square triangles!   Well, this is not a bazillion, and it may not be gorgeous, but I love this quilt.  The look is both crisp and soft.  It was made for a friend dealing w/ a nasty illness.  A guy.  Who lives in the desert.  So I wanted warm, desert colors, yet manly.   I managed to hit both targets, in my opinion!  I called it Desert Peace.
Desert Peace
For the back, I decided to use up the scraps from the front.  
Desert Peace back
I LOVE the back.  If I could ever duplicate it...It's fun, and a challenge, but really a lot of work to piece something together like this.   And then to size it up correctly...oh my!  
Desert Peace back2
It has to be a project of love.  And I guess that's why I make these things.  I do love the process and the end result.   I hated to part with this quilt, but I couldn't have been happier to give it away to my friend. 
Thanks for checking in! Quilt on~

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  1. Barb says:

    Very nice quilt. Very nice sentiment. Very nice woman.

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