Beam Me Up Mini Quilt

Beam Me Up Mini Quilt

This was a great project.  My very first paperpiecing lesson was with this pattern, about a year and a half ago, from a sweet woman in the Taos High Country Quilting Guild.  I pulled it out recently for a challenge in the other guild I play with, the Ft Wort MQG.  Requirements are simply solids, and at least 15x15.   What a surprise that it looks so cool! Nothing like the first one I made, which I also love.   I'm putting it in my Etsy store because a) it was so easy, I can make myself another one, and b) I can offer it in any color(s).  

Beam Me Up Mini


















Thanks for looking~

Quilt On!


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  1. Barb says:

    beautiful little thing! and i named it!!!

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