Last of 2013…a little Dia de Muertos!

Last of 2013…a little Dia de Muertos!

A friend and I decided to take our best shot at an Improv Class at the Quilt Asylum in McKinney, TX - not too far for us, but fortunately - far enough that we dont' go all that often!  Much to our delight, we were the only takers!  And, they didn't cancel the class!  It was great cutting and sewing without regard to measurements, roughly speaking.  


It was almost hard not matching colors or values, a problem easily overcome.


This was my first attempt at quilting a spiral on a whole quilt.  It feels sacriligeous to quilt on my domestic machine instead of my Gammill, but man, I do love the looks of spiral quilting. 












































Taking the lead from crazy mom quilts and elisabew over at Instagram, I started the first few spirals w/ FMQ, then switched to a walking foot to finish the rest.  My only snag was that I really wanted the spirals to be 3/4" apart, and w/ no sewing guide on my foot, I had to use a pencil and ruler to dot out each spiral; ie...finish a  spiral, mark the next, finish a spiral, mark the next.  Tedious, but still doable, and not frustating. 
















It'll be in my Etsy store if you feel ya just gotta have it!

Thanks for checking it out~


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