Finishing the Unfinished…

Finishing the Unfinished…

I know I am in good company in this mad dash to finish all the unfinished projects I have going on before the year is out.  It does create its' problems....bad wife, bad daughter, bad mother, bad friend, bad employee, and above all, I can't even blog about it because I don't have time, AND half of them are gifts, so again, I can't blog about it!

I can share these two lovelies.  This one is a vintage quilt top a friend asked me to quilt for her.  So fragile!  Probably from the mid 50's, made by her husband's grandmother.  I wondered as I did she have time to hand quilt this, and why didn't it get finished?  Would she like this choice of quilt pattern?  Maybe she something in mind for the back other than a simple neutral solid.  Truly I will never know. 





















This is a simple scrap quilt made of 6 inch squares on point, trying to stick with neutral tones.  It was a gift for Betsi, something to have for those sweet grandbaby visits.

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