Still quarantine quilting.  We did brave a DRIVE to LA in order to be present for the introduction of our new baby girl, Millie Rose.

We were committed to avoiding any contacts along the way (940 miles) …roadside peeing was therefore required. Just like camping!

This pattern is called The Watcher, designed by Libs Elliott. I couldn’t come up with a better name, so mine is called The Watcher!

I added the mirror shades to make it seem like he’s ‘watching’ a young Frida! The border is also something I came up with ad-lib.

I originally planned to have the face on a brown ombre fabric, but changed my mind…

Lite Seam a Seam2 was the fusible product of choice to attach all the pieces.

If you look closely in the photo above, you can see small slivers of background fabric between MANY of the small pieces. For me, this was unavoidable no matter how many times I repositioned the pieces before fusing. It bothered me enough to suck it up and embroider between




Nuts, I know, but I love it now that it’s done.

See! Not more slivers of background fabric showing.

I was watching a longarm class, online, with Christine Perrigo as I was quilting this. I decided to integrate her ghost quilting into this quilt on the background, with contrasting threads.  It was so very fun to do!!

The final size is 47″ x 51″.  Another favorite treasure!


Stay healthy. Social Distance. Wear a mask.  Please. We need to get out of this misery.

Thanks for checking in!


3 Responses to “SUMMER OF 2020”

  1. Following says:

    Beautiful. What is the name of the fabric in the glasses? Hope it’s still available. Great Work. Being in a wheelchair running around shopping isn’t an option. I just ordered the pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Reut Ran says:

    Hi Debbie,
    Love this quilt! Some how it’s how I feel lately. Also sweet little baby girl! Congratulations.

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