Two last quilts to wrap up the year.  I sit here typing, listening to the House Debates, waiting for Impeachment, and I do hope we have a better year.  But I doubt it.  Just vote.

Chimayo started as a set of 4 placemats! But after I finished the first 3 and put them on the wall, I thought…huh.  This might make a pretty cool quilt. So I kept going, made 9 more ‘placemats’, and ended up with a quilt I love!


I decided to practice my longarm grafitti skills.  I really love doing this, but I’ll admit that it fatigues my brain. It looks so random, and it is.  One would think it is easy to just keep whipping all the tools out of the toolbox.  But honestly, it takes some serious premeditation! But the end result is delicious.






Lastly….this little pretty, which I named Pilar.


Originally, I did the math wrong and the top looked like this:

When I put this on a queen bed, the stripes took up the entire top of the mattress and it just looked dumb. I told myself it didn’t matter.  My son would never really care.  That lasted about a week.  Then I took the entire quilt apart.  As quilts go, this one doesn’t have a ton of seams.  I made the strips narrower and shorter, added another outer maroon border, and now I love it again.


I kept the quilting simple, just straight lines.  I did mark the quilt before I loaded it so I’d know where my start and stops needed to be:

And now it’s back to LA for some Christmas fun with this little girl!

Thanks for checking in!


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