Mora is the only quilt I have hand pieced.  I started her in June, 2018.  She is 88″ wide x 92″ long, and has about 3000 diamonds pieces.

There are 39 stars, each has 60 diamonds.

Although the black & white fabric is busy, I love that fabric (Terrie Mangat design) and could not  resist using it to connect the stars. I tempered it a bit with solid black diamonds. 

It was a long process, but not at all painful. It was nice to always have a small, lap-size project whenever I was sitting still, which I don’t do well. I started it prior to our 2 week Alaskan cruise because I thought I would be bored. I was NOT bored, but still glad to have a project. 


I used a design board w/ stylus for the quilt design.  It’s very dense, and therefore holds the handpiecing together nicely.


It’s hard to get a nice photo of this.  But this is good enough! I’ll be starting another hand pieced project before too long.  It’s just nice to have one around. 



Look out, Sports Illustrated!

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