Several years ago, at the Houston quilt show, I bought a stack of Yoshiko Jinzenji fabrics with the best of intentions.  So, here it is, 5 or 6 years later, and I pulled them out…now or never.  I decided to stop trying to be creative and just make some basic court house step blocks.  Her fabric is not big on ‘dark tones’, so making one half of each block light, and one half dark, requires some imagination.

The little gold square is the center of each block.  If you squint, you can tell that the top and bottom of each 10.5″ block is ‘dark’, and the sides are ‘light’.  Subtle.  Maybe even creative!

Initially, with regard to the border, I was going to piece black curves into the white fabric.  I wasn’t really looking forward to it – never comes out right until the 3rd or 4th time.  The thought of fusing curves onto the white fabric took the pressure off. It was easy and gave me much more flexibility.  I love the border!



I used 6 different thread colors on the longarm; just straight lines using a channel lock.

It was pretty cool seeing it from afar the first time at the Taos County Fair.

That’s it for this quilt. In keeping with my recent decision to name quilts after cities in New Mexico (and maybe a few in Colorado), this is White Sands.  Naming quilts got a whole lot easier.

  ….weddings are stressful for everyone, Ruby Lou.  We all want to suck our thumb.

Thanks for checking in!


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