I do love quilting other peoples’ quilts, but I welcome the current break in demand. It offers me time to create some of the things going on in my head. Also, more sitting.

A couple years ago, I purchased a pattern by Whirligig Designs called ‘Taos’ (coincidence….). I chose not to buy the recommended rulers, reasoning that all one needs is a straight ruler and a calculator and one can get the job done.  Well, that’s a load of crap and I deeply regretted not buying the rulers.  But I did ‘get the job done’, nonetheless. I’ll post the progression photos here.

I think it’s interesting to see it grow.  Here are some shots after it went through the longarm. I’ll start with the good ones.

So that’s all well and good. But then there was this disaster:

You can see Wheeler Peak in the middle. And in the points connecting the white squares.  This was more than a little crushing.


With some skill, I could turn the peak into a valley.  Sad face. I did some research, queried about it on Instagram, and I now believe the source was too many straight lines meeting in one point.  I was told that blocking would help.  So I blocked it:

So much work. I rarely block quilts, and never this big. I’m not recommending that you skip this step. I’m just saying I’m pretty lazy.  I don’t have any carpet anywhere. I had to wash this floor, wash the quilt, square it with my handy 90 degree laser tool, weigh it down with whatever I could find in the garage, and wait 2 days for it to dry.  It really, really did help tremendously.  A non-quilter would not notice. I called it a win.

So now I’ll enter it in a show or two (or try to), and then sell it. (or try to)

Ruby takes dress-up every seriously.

Thanks for checking in!

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