Catherine’s Memory Quilt

Catherine’s Memory Quilt

I finished this about a month ago, just now getting around to sharing it.  

A very recently widowed gentleman brought his wife’s clothes to me for a memory quilt.  He was very sure of the type of quilt he wished to have- wonky…funky…asymmetrical…lots of curves.  The clothes were mostly double knits, sweatshirts, rayon, and a little bit of quilting-type cotton. Catherine loved the beach. Therefore, lots of ‘movement’ was called for in the finished piece.  It was something I enjoyed, I took very seriously, and I was in frequent contact with Ronald to make sure I was not straying from what he envisioned.  It was a great partnership. Here’s what evolved, to the pleasure of us both.

Thanks for looking!



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  1. Barbara says:

    Spectacular collaboration!! Bravo!

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