Juniper Quilts, the Studio Tour

Juniper Quilts, the Studio Tour

I miss my studio.

We are in Los Angeles, waiting for a certain someone to decide she’s ready to join us out here in the real world.  Who can blame her for having a few reservations…We try not to discuss current events in her presence.

Meanwhile, on a recent trip back to Texas, we spent some quality (not quantity) time with our friend Eric Whetstone, who designed my studio 3 years ago. And we realized he has never seen it. Not even since we broke ground.  So I promised I would send him some photos.  ‘Some’ is a fairly subjective word, so here goes….Come on in!

It’s not quite spring, so what’s missing are the hanging plants and the beautiful large potted plants that  live out front all summer. The pretty quilted wood art is a gift from my precious friend, Barb.  My hubby gave me my sign for our anniversary.



It’s 13′ x 34′.  The floor is stained cement. Not a day goes by where I do not appreciate the fact that I have such a gorgeous place to do my thing.



So here is my stash.  Most of it.  Not too, too terrible.


And still, I never seem to have the right color thread!!!!


My show and tell wall, and my rulers.  My wonderful, wonderful rulers. Mostly from Jamie Wallen  @ and Linda Hrcka @



That beauty on the design wall is NOT MY QUILT.  It’s a customer’s quilt. All those appliquéd little houses and trees and fences and flowers?  I could never do that. I can quilt it, though. I’m hanging it up for a while so it can marinate in my brain.



The view…I love my windows.



There’s my three Jukis.  I don’t go looking for Jukis.  Really.  They find me.  And I love them all.


This corner has my shelves, my sink, and behind those curtains…well, there’s a reason it’s covered. A serger, for one. Weights, cleansers, freezer paper and lots of very necessary crap.


My awesome cutting table that I had the builder make for me.  It’s 72″ x 36″.


The indispensable rolling utility carts from Ikea.



So thanks, Eric!  You did good. You did great! Again!!  Eric & I bartered our services.  I DEFINITELY got the better end of that deal, but this was the quilt I made for Eric.  The only one I’ve ever done in all solids.  Why? I do not know. I love this thing.  Eric designed it. 




Thanks for checking in~



4 Responses to “Juniper Quilts, the Studio Tour”

  1. laure warren says:

    Hi Deb!
    What fun to take a tour through your studio!! It’s amazing! And the quilt Eric designed and you made. . .very nice! Someday, I hope to see your place in person. . .until then, hope the baby has arrived!
    Love, Lauré

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love to seeing the finished project! I can tell you have so much passion and love for what you do. Who needs PT anyway? Love following your work!

  3. Barbara Stein says:

    Wow, Debbie! What an inspirational place to do your magic!

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