A whole bunch of finishes….

A whole bunch of finishes….

Seemingly not comfortable with working on one project from beginning to end without starting at least 3 other projects in the midst of it all, I end up with half a dozen things going on.  Which doesn’t bother me until they are all ALMOST finished, but not quite, and I’m ready to start to a new project.  Maybe I should hire a ‘closer’, like the Major Leagues. That is an excellent idea, but highly unlikely. Of course, they wouldn’t ‘do it right’.

So here’s the line up of recent finishes…

IT STARTED AS A SCARF.  I doubt you’ll find another quilt with that name.  But really, I did come across, quite by accident, a very pretty rayon scarf on ETSY.  I don’t do scarves.  I don’t even do collars. But I thought it would make a pretty center block for a medallion quilt. But after adding (48) 4″ paper pieced pineapple blocks, I decided I would never make into a bed quilt, and stopped at a decent size for a wall hanging.  But, being rather dull, what with only one border and all, I pretended to be Terrie Mangat, and started adding beads and embroidery until it was acceptably interesting. The scarf ends with the 1″ red border. I added the rest.












Next finish….The Community Quilt.  This is created from a panel featuring various laborers and professionals and miscellaneous members of your typical community, in skeletal form, a la Dia de Muertos.  After intentionally building the blocks in log cabin style, but on the wonky side, I couldn’t come up with a desirable way to connect them all. So I didn’t. Using my longarm, I top stitched them onto muslin.  So pleased with the result…

The Community

The Community



My funny, creative, sweet son-in-law is an insane NC Panthers family, as is the rest of his family.  I found this pretty Panther fabric, and turquoise…well, how could I not.

NC Panthers


This was a rare purchase – a kit.  Alison Glass fabric.  I love the tone of it. But the kit did sit on a shelf for a year.



A wall hanging for Hannah & Adam.

black brown white


The Sun, The Moon, & The Stars…30″ x 30″.  Created from a panel.

The Sun, The Moon, & The Stars Mini Quilt

The Sun, The Moon, & The Stars Mini Quilt

I hesitate to post these next two, as they are 100% copied from a mini quilt at Quiltcon this year.  My daughter and I loved it, and she asked me to make one like it.  I am so sorry I did not get the name of the quilter.  I loved it so much, I made two – to play with the different stitching. It is 13″x 13″.

Migrations - Matchstick


Miagrations Free Style


Almost done.  Our guild here in Taos recently enjoyed a 2 day class with Vi Colombe, a South Dakota resident, but native of Taos. And an amazing quilter who makes perfect lone star quilts, many of them round.  They’re my new favorite thing.

Sunflower Lone Star Quilt

Sunflower Lone Star Quilt

That is IT!  Actually, there is one more, but I’m waiting on a photo of it hanging in its’ new home.

Thanks for checking in!


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  1. Ttacey says:

    Hi there! Love the wall hanging for Hannah, la Dia de Muertos and the celestial one. You are one crazy quilter! 🙂

  2. Martie says:

    Dang, girl! You’ve been busy. I especially love your quilting on that second QuiltCon mini, the way you mirrored the diamonds with your quilting and added that circle. Good job!

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