The Montana Quilt

The Montana Quilt

I’ve been working on a quilt for our friend, Eric, who did us a HUGE favor drawing up the plans for my Quilt Cave. Being a graphic designer, he is very in touch with color, and has a sense of design that I’d give my right arm for. Actually, I wouldn’t do that. I have a fear of having only one arm.  I’ve never made a quilt for anyone who cared to have any input. He’s been involved with every step. And do I love the fact that it’s a guy who’s so interested in quilt design??…..yes. I love collaborating like this. This is how is started….



























I cut a bunch of 3″ strips from each color.  Except the top yellow color right under that magenta one….Eric nixed it…too much green.  In that moment, I knew this would be a very fortunate and rewarding experience for me. 





















The first strip is always the hardest.

This is the first quilt made in the new studio that Eric designed.





















Eric had several requests: no green (killed me), don’t make it look like a landscape, start with warm colors and transition to hotter colors, 3 shots of turquoise, 2 shots of purple, a few blacks here & there, black & white HSTs for the border, EXCEPT where turquoise meets the edge – those HSTs need to be turquoise & white.  Loved every minute of it! Knowing with certainty that the quilt will be loved is so rewarding!






































Then came the longarm design. Originally, it was to be nothing but stitch in the ditch.  But in the end, Eric requested we turn it up a notch and add some movement in a few (15, to be exact) of the color strips.

















I love, love, love this quilt. I used wool batting, so it’s so soft and poofy.  It will live in Eric’s home in Montana, so it is aptly named…Montana.  It won’t get there for a while, cuz first it needs to experience the Taos County Fair.  Someone, other than Eric & I, has to enjoy this bit of color.





































































































































































Thank you, Eric, for letting me make this for you, for sharing your creative genius with me, for creating a beautiful space for me to make it in, and for letting me keep it for a few months!  


Thanks for checking in~






3 Responses to “The Montana Quilt”

  1. Donna Akins says:

    Breathtaking! You continue to amaze me.

  2. Martie says:

    Debbie: This quilt is just brilliant. That border really sealed it perfectly. You should both be extremely proud!

  3. Becky Nussbaum says:

    The Montana Quilt is gorgeous! Truly breathtaking, Deb! You and Eric make a wonderful team!

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